Township of Dubreuilville

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Township Of Dubreuilville, Ontario
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Dubreuilville Broadband aims to meet the social and economic development priorities that enhanced connectivity to the community brings, including providing a financial benefit should a community choose to become a partner in the project. Our goal is to connect and empower communities through technology, engage with communities in the ownership of critical infrastructure, provide capital and investments, and offer resources to assist rural and remote communities thrive in the 21st Century.
Project Updates:
The Dubreuilville Broadband project, in collaboration with Community Network Partners (CNP), has successfully launched a next-generation fibre optic network in rural Canada. With over 70% of Dubreuilville's residents now being connected with high-speed pure fibre internet , the Dubreuilville Broadband project has become a pioneer in rural single-tier municipalities, offering fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) internet services. With the launch of Rally TV, powered by Dubreuilville Broadband, the residents of Dubreuilville are encouraged to take control of their entertainment experience and be part of our commitment to empowering the community through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.
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