High Speed Internet for Rural Canada: How Dubreuilville’s Next-Generation Fibre Optic Network is Driving Economic Growth and Development

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In today’s interconnected world, high-speed internet access is a critical factor for fostering economic growth and enabling access to education, healthcare, and social interactions. Unfortunately, numerous rural and remote communities in Canada, continue to face challenges in obtaining adequate connectivity. Recognizing the importance of addressing this digital divide, community leaders have taken action, leading to the establishment of the Community Network Partners (CNP).

The primary objective of CNP is to bridge the digital gap in underserved communities by developing essential infrastructure in rural and First Nation communities. This initiative is in line with the Universal Broadband Fund, a government program aimed at improving high-speed internet access in rural and remote regions. 

According to the CRTC, while 91.4% of Canadians have access to high-speed internet, this figure drops significantly to 62% in rural communities. The funding provided supports projects that bring internet speeds of 50/10 Megabits per second to these underserved areas, including Indigenous communities, aligning with the Canadian government’s commitment to connecting all citizens and promoting robust rural communities.

Dubreuilville Broadband: Overview of Project Scope and Objectives

The Township of Dubreuilville has faced several challenges due to its inadequate connectivity, which has hindered economic growth and development. To address this issue, the Township of Dubreuilville and CNP have partnered to launch Dubreuilville Broadband, a community owned and operated next-generation fibre optic network to enhance internet infrastructure and cater to the needs of its residents. The project’s vision has not only been to improve the quality of life for existing residents but also to attract new individuals to the area.

Under the leadership of President Jon D’Alessandro, CNP provides technical and infrastructural expertise and capital support to the Dubreuilville Broadband project and setting the foundation for successful implementation.

The Journey of Dubreuilville Broadband: From Inception to Success 

With the inception of Dubreuilville Broadband, the Township of Dubreuilville has become a pioneer among rural single-tier municipalities in Canada to operate its own fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The community-based internet service provider offers residential and enterprise-grade internet packages, ensuring equal access to technology and resources previously lacking in Dubreuilville. 

The Dubreuilville Broadband fibre network is now fully operational, providing high-speed internet access to more than 70% of Dubreuilville’s residents. Our team’s hard work has paid off, and we are honoured to witness the satisfaction of our connected customers. Our ultimate goal is to continue to be the unrivalled high-speed fibre internet provider in Dubreuilville and ensure every resident and business benefits from this community-owned and operated network.

To mark this significant achievement, a celebration took place at the Eddy K. Lefrançois Recreation Centre in the Township of Dubreuilville on July 12, 2023. The event not only highlighted the success of our project but also introduced Rally TV, our new TV service crafted exclusively for the community. During the ceremony, our team expressed gratitude by presenting tokens of appreciation to Ms. Beverly Nantel, the Mayor of Dubreuilville, and Chantal Croft, our esteemed community champion.

With the launch of Rally TV, powered by Dubreuilville Broadband, the residents of Dubreuilville are encouraged to take control of their entertainment experience and be part of our commitment to empowering the community through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. With seamless access and management of recordings across all devices, including TVs, streaming platforms, and mobile devices, you can now stay connected to your favorite shows. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your TV experience. Explore our incredible TV packages tailored for Dubreuilville residents on our website.

Empowering Dubreuilville: Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access

By providing better access to technology and resources, the Dubreuilville Broadband fibre network has paved the way to enhance educational opportunities, healthcare services, and attract a more diverse and skilled workforce to support local industries in Dubreuilville. Residents can now enjoy the convenience and security of:

1. Enhanced Education

High-speed internet enables access to online resources, courses, and remote learning platforms, improving the quality of education and fostering greater collaboration and communication among students and teachers.

2. Economic Growth

Essential for businesses to operate efficiently, high-speed internet facilitates access to new markets, e-commerce, and reduces costs, thereby promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, and overall economic growth. Remote workers also benefit from increased job opportunities and reduced commute times.

3. Improved Healthcare 

High-speed internet facilitates remote consultations, telemedicine, and online appointments, ensuring patients in remote or underserved areas receive medical attention from specialists without the need for extensive travel.

4. Advanced Communication

Faster and more reliable communication is facilitated, connecting families, friends, businesses, and customers through video calls, messaging apps, and video conferencing tools.

5. Enhanced Social Interaction

High-speed internet fosters social interaction, enabling individuals in remote communities to connect online, engage in social media platforms, and share information and ideas, thereby reducing social isolation.

6. Increased Access to Information

Faster and more reliable internet access enables users in remote communities to access news, research, and educational resources online, promoting knowledge sharing, learning, innovation, and growth.

Bridging the Digital Divide in Dubreuilville: The Impact of Community Network Partners and Next-Generation Fibre Optic Network

Dubreuilville’s collaboration with CNP signifies a remarkable step toward bridging the digital divide between urban centers and rural communities. With the implementation of the next-generation fibre optic network, Dubreuilville has become one of the first rural municipalities in Canada to operate its own FTTH network. This transformative initiative brings opportunities for enhanced education, economic growth and development, improved healthcare access, advanced communication, enriched social interaction, and increased access to information.

With over 70% of the homes lit with lightning fast pure fibre internet, Dubreuilville is now better positioned to attract new residents, including families, new immigrants, and expats, fostering a more vibrant and prosperous community. Through the concerted efforts of CNP and its partners, the digital divide in rural areas of Canada are being effectively reconciled, opening new horizons for expansion and progress.

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